AncestryDNA chromosome comparison

You are probably here because we matched up on AncestryDNA. Hello, cousin!

AncestryDNA does not have a chromosome browser like 23andMe or FTDNA. This makes it impossible to confirm your matches. To confirm how you are connected to your DNA match, you have to triangulate with a third match. The best way to do this is with GEDMatch. However, they have been experiencing a lot of outages lately, so I wrote this customized tool.

This program will compare our results and list the exact chromosome segments where we match. If I am able to triangulate with another match, the match will be confirmed! I will send an email informing you.

Note: Your uploaded DNA file will not be used for any purpose other than determining our matching chromosome segments.

Your name and/or something for me to identify you by (e.g. Ancestry username)
Your email address if you want an copy of the results via email. I will also use this address to inform you of any triangulation results.
Your AncestryDNA raw results file. To get the file from, follow these steps:
  1. Under the "DNA" tab, click "Your DNA Home Page."
  2. Click "Manage Test Settings."
  3. In the gray box, under "Download your raw DNA data," click "Get Started."
  4. Follow the online instructions from there and you get a .zip file.

The file probably has a name similar to

Click submit when you are done

After clicking 'Submit,' the process could take up to a minute. Please be patient.